1. What type of companies register with ADCE?

A: ADCE registers contractors, consultants and suppliers that have a valid Trade License that allows them to work in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

2. What is the Registration Process to enlist a company with ADCE?

A: Every company wishing to register with ADCE is requested to submit their Company Profile to our office, which will be reviewed by our engineers, and if the review is satisfactory, the company will be registered. The link for the form is as follows www.adce.ae/registrations. It is also necessary for interested companies to fill in the pre-qualification form available here

3. Who should I contact regarding registration?

A: Registrations are only done at the ADCE Head Office in Abu Dhabi which is located on the 6th Floor, ADCB Head Office Building, Electra St, Abu Dhabi. Contact our helpline for further information on who to contact: + 97126962222

4. What are the working hours for ADCE?

A: Our office is open from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM Sunday to Thursday. To arrange an appointment to meet any of our staff please call the Helpline: + 97126962222

5. What is the receipt of payments policy for invoices submitted by consultants and contractors to ADCE for projects supervision and progress payments respectively?

A: All payments will be vetted within 30 days of receipt at ADCE. No enquiries will be entertained in between this period.