Project Management Services

ADCE has a proven track record of successfully delivering projects by utilising our project management expertise to make substantial time and cost savings while maintaining quality and design efficiency for owners and end-users.

Our services include:

  • Planning and scheduling 
  • Controlling budgets
  • Maintaining project milestones
  • Monitoring materials 
  • Controlling and avoiding claims
  • Managing and avoiding conflicts
  • Managing and evaluating risks
  • Maintaining project documents
  • Dispute resolution 
  • Quality management
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Project handover and closure
  • Value engineering 
  • Design and supervision management

Design and Supervision

  • A - ADCE’s multifaceted scope includes managing projects in line with the stakeholder’s expectations from early inception to project closure.
  • B - ADCE utilises a digital workflow management system to streamline design review.
  • C - ADCE has internal design criteria and standard guidelines to monitor and manage:
    1. Consultancy selection criteria
    2. Landlords channel of communication
    3. Matching concept design with feasibility studies
    4. Auditing design at various stages, including concept, design development, authorities approval, tender and bidding, mock-ups, and up to handing over snagging reports