Tender and Contract Management

ADCE manages the entire end-to-end process of tendering from initial interest to signing of the contract. We also have a robust online tendering system to ensure that the operation is managed honestly and transparently.

Our services include:

  • Preparation of tendering documents
  • Cost estimation
  • Preparation of RFP
    • Designing and writing proposals
    • Defining Scope of Works (SOWs)
    • Writing Invitation to Tenders (ITTs)
  • Bidding management and post-bid analysis
    • Estimating pre-bid values based on historical data and daily market rates
    • Identifying potential bidders based on a robust evaluation system for bidders based on their experience with ADCE
    • Comparing bids commercially and technically to reach to the best offer price, as per the project requirements, while identifying and minimising risks
    • Negotiating with bidders to achieve the best practice offer
  • Awarding and contract management